Message Handler

    A message handler enqueues network messages received from a remote source and applies their contained operations to a world.

    Handling Messages#

    A message handler is created using the createMessageHandler function:

    import { createMessageHandler } from "@javelin/net"
    const messageHandler = createMessageHandler()

    Message handlers expose a push method for enqueuing new messages along with a system that drains the message queue and applies the operations encoded in each message to the world.

    const world = createWorld({ systems: [messageHandler.system] })
    // subscribe to remote messages
    channel.listen(message => messageHandler.push(message))

    Reacting To Changes#

    A message handler exposes an effect that can be used to inspect the remote world state, a Set of patched entities, and a Set of updated entities.

    const sysNet = () => {
      const {
        remote: { tick },
        updated, // entities updated last message
      } = messageHandler.useInfo()
      // ...
      qryBodies(e => {
        if (updated.has(e)) {